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daniele brusaschetto "fragranze silenzio" (out now)

cd digipack (8 tracks, 40 mins circa, 2010) bosco20 (published by bosco rec, bar la muerte, sincope, chew-z) 12 euro

"Already from the title it talks to us of senses and how silence can inebriate them and take them to the highest peaks or to the lowest forms of self-pity. Indeed it is a delicate album like his most recent albums have been, that opens with the muffled landscape of 'la bambina intermittente' and then passes through glitches, homemade percussions, delicate and dreamy pianos, guitars that don't sound like guitars and painstaking care in his self-production, and closes with the apocalyptic title track. If you're looking for spleen there's as much as you want here. But don't stop there, there's much more to discover. Take your time."
Bruno Dorella (Bar La Muerte)

And soon... Digital single available through Chew-z including 'clouds' and two exclusive remixes of Binary.
- clouds 5,28 MB file

ich niente "incerchio" (out now)

cd in transparent plastic shell box (10 tracks, 33 mins circa, 2010)
bosco19 (published by bosco rec, into my bed recordings)
12 euro

"The second album by Ich Niente after 2004's 'ri_tagli'.
A new chapter of guitar and pedal effects improvisation by Mirco Rizzi and Daniele Brusaschetto."
- 04 6,25 MB file

meteor "anemici, sangue dalle rape" (out now)

7" ep, onesided silkscreened (4 tracks, 5 mins circa, 2010) bosco18 (published by bosco rec, in limine, sangue dischi, incisioni rupestri, meteor) 7 euro

"Extreme italian three pieces post-grind with a digital synth experimental skin tissue spread on a drum & guitar frame. Reminding of the latest Locust without the voice, these guys play absurdly short and hyperfast sets that has the effect of an electrocution for the intensity and the length." (In Limine)
- composizione 4 1,55 MB file

almios & damios "untitled"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (14 tracks, 48 mins circa, 2010) bosco17 (published by bosco rec, into my bed recordings) 7 euro

"Domestic freak improvisations.."
- l'inaspettato 3,07 MB file

paolo spaccamonti "undici pezzi facili"

cd digipack (11 tracks, 44 mins, 2009)
bosco16 (published by bosco rec, o.f.f., p.spaccamonti)
12 euro

"The album is diverse, refined and extremely enjoyable... the beloved burial opens with rythm and arpeggiation of 'camicia gialla, cravatta nera' followed by dry electricity and psych coverings of drones. And if after the O'Rourke style pastoral intro, when the cymbals and imperial rythms explode, you cannot not think about the wonderful Tortoise in 'vertigo', these are like spy movie tracks (bent rocksteady frippertronics) and Tex (USA noir made of desert parking lots and people with faces appearing and spying from behind the curtains like in a Lynch film) to certify the originality of the entire work. Acoustics, strings, varying manipulations... Spaccamonti is certainly our Guitar Hero of the month. Rating: 8" Maurizio Blatto (Rumore)
- soli tutti 8,50 MB file

daniele brusaschetto "blasé"

cdr in handmade cardboard sleeve artwork, extra limited edition, 78 copies (9 tracks, 38 mins circa, 2009)
bosco15 (published by bosco rec)
12 euro --SOLD OUT--

"Daniele Brusaschetto stops to think about past songs and re-elaborates them taking them to an atmosphere that reflects the movements of his last works. 'Muoversi a ritmo di musica danzare' and 'mi sembra ieri' are the only unedited pieces... This disc could be listened to as a handful of re-elaborated memories. Songs written between 1997 and 2007 that would also work being listened to again in their pure or extreme versions. Here one crosses the other and 'ciao bellissima' tears your heart out of your chest, and without being sentimental Brusaschetto tells us about a love in earshot through a bright image. In 'chi ha la faccia scucita' you can also hear the malleability of his voice at times grave at times subtle. In 'goffo' you face a musical voyage hand in hand with Sigur Rós..." Francesca Ognibene (Fuori Dal Mucchio)
- forse 4,58 MB file

daniele brusaschetto & benny braaten "db9"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (4 tracks, 40 mins circa, 2008)
bosco14 (published by bosco rec, afe)
10 euro

"This noise collaboration does a lot of damage in four songs. Recorded in Italy at Brusaschetto's house while Braaten was touring there under the Origami Galaktika moniker, 'db9' (a play on both Brusaschetto's name and Baaten's other project, B9) is pedal effects heavy, mostly recorded by Braaten on bass and field recordings, and later knob-twisted by Brusaschetto... There is a feel of direction and purpose, and progression, rather than merely a loop, of sounds. It isn't until 'tre' that the bass truly comes out from the mix in full force, and is a fine lead into for 'quatro', which has elements of a space jam, with enough industrial menace to end things on a high, just not on a comfortable high... 'db9' is adventurous but approachable, and fascinating at each turn..." Mike Wood (Foxy Digitalis)
- quatro 9,43 MB file

daniele brusaschetto "circonvoluzioni"

cd in jewel box (10 tracks, 35 mins circa, 2007)
bosco13 (published by bosco rec)
12 euro

"Soft subtle mixtures of frail guitar gentility, spookily sensible crystalline electronic tones, breathy vocals & rhythmically stripped down glitch patterns. Brusaschetto has this eerie swooshing reverb drenched & grainy lo-fi indie touch plus a bit o' pulse sloshing pop capability. Occasionally, slightly heavier and more saturated sonic displays emerge with fragile bursting dispersions similar to semi-irregular and muted skipping electronica & metronomic hypnosis. Serene ambient mists permeate as well. Torn & mournful bare emotions whisper sung in both Italian and English also increase the enchantment. Quite a gorgeous & curious little treasure." Guy Montag (KFJC)
- il ruscello nella tazza 4,92 MB file

switch-off "inconcludenzia"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (8 tracks, 29 mins circa, 2006)
bosco12 (published by bosco rec, setola di maiale, into my bed recordings)
10 euro

"The sextet comprises apart from the usual Mirco Rizzi and Daniele Brusaschetto also the latter's brother Pierluigi with Daniele Pagliero, Maurizio Suppo and Mauro Aloisio... the recording traces back to the early 90s, later revised by Brusaschetto to obtain the product in question. The work is a jubilation of percussive sounds coming from the poorest parts of Industrial (Einsturzende Neubauten and similar); there's also guitar and electronic drums but the biggest, you could swear, comes from the sounds of the sofa, the drink machine, the ashtray, the batteries in the bin, the radiator, the empty beer cans and bottles and everything else, everything indistinctly hammered to death, as well as whistles and primordial screams... A symphony for lonely rubbish, a Baccanale for the old millenium that is leaving and has given us as a gift a series of things for which we would do well to find alternative solutions for recycling them... A great disc." Alfredo Rastelli (Sands-Zine)
- ritual 5,15 MB file

daniele brusaschetto "live at the satyricon"

cd in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (8 tracks, 31 mins circa, 2006)
bosco11 (published by bar la muerte, bosco rec)
12 euro

"This album is a gift. A gift for ourselves, in order to remember a whole period of artistic career and life. And we hope this can be a gift for you too. It was 2001, Daniele Brusaschetto was still rocking hard before starting a solitary career as one of the best quiet intimate songwriters. Daniele Brusaschetto was a sort of a band, with Mirco Rizzi on the guitar (now Ashtool) and Bruno Dorella (now OvO, Ronin, Bachi Da Pietra) on drums. It was 2001 and Daniele Brusaschetto liked to go on tour all over Europe and the US... This live is almost a bootleg, but we believe it has all the energy that we put during the show..." Bruno Dorella (Bar La Muerte)
- saliva in raduno 3,82 MB file

femina faber "s/t"

cdr in slim plastic case (5 tracks, 32 mins circa, 2006)
bosco10 (published by milarecords, into my bed recordings, bosco rec)
7 euro --SOLD OUT--

"Femina Faber or, translated from Latin, crafts woman, sings mediaeval Gregorian chants accompanied with majestic industrial rhythms and ambiental sounds. Femina Faber is a continuation of her previous project in which Paola Bianchi - herself - sang the chants acapella... The ambiental sounds and industrial beats were composed by Italian groups A034 and ODZR and artists Andrea Marutti and Luca Valisi." (Metelkova)
- ictus libidinis 7,87 MB file

davide riccio "l'orfeo concluso (the ended orpheus)"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (19 tracks, 60 mins circa, 2006)
bosco09 (published by unamusica, into my bed recordings, milarecords, bosco rec)
10 euro

"A sinister halo blows and constant tension of the gloomy steps of the singular cd-r, given birth by the will of Davide Riccio, writer and musician clearly fascinated by the dark-wave suggestions of the 80s. A play performed where Riccio is the author of the verses and at the same time collaborator of important artistic personalities, diversly involved in Italian avantgarde music... 19 episodes that invoke malincholic arias and tragic passages of landscapes that follow one another with sounds perfectly adapted to the natural vision of the texts. Davide falls in love with the part and reads the words in a deep manner..." Vittorio Marozzi (Kathodik)
- terraconforming 6,56 MB file

ashtool "s.o.c.g.: vecchie paure"

cd in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (12 tracks, 75 mins circa, 2006)
bosco08 (published by into my bed recordings, radon, red brick chimney, torture music records, bosco rec, milarecords)
12 euro

"Ambient avantgarde music, with a certain way of putting rythms and soundscapes together that is as much post rock as it is trip hop (with a few parentheses of drum'n'bass and refeerences to the master Laswell) and with an inkling of minimalist progressive (electronic and acoustic), that makes it all more "human"... In some tracks, obvious relationships to the neoclassic (experimental and soundtrack tendencies)." Roberto Michieletto (Music Club)
- reacto 6,39 MB file

luca valisi "teatro d'inverno"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (9 tracks, 58 mins circa, 2005)
bosco07 (published by milarecords, bosco rec, into my bed recordings)
7 euro --SOLD OUT--

"Luca Valisi is an old fashioned bassist, one of those that smashes the chords with enthusiasm and a second later takes hypnotic repetitive arpeggiations to the threshold of paranoia. A musician that has the 80s in his blood, already known as a component of the new wave duo Ludmila." Elsa Dorella
- l'araignée sur la lune 7,88 MB file

diononesiste "the meaningless of living [04:11:18]"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (11 tracks, 71 mins circa, 2005)
bosco06 (published by bosco rec, into my bed recordings, milarecords)
10 euro

"Diononesiste is Hell! The sonic impact all the way from the opening track is shocking! Straight and immediate, it reaches the senses without wasting cereberal passages... this is a work of an evolving genre: death metal. A sort of seminal disk to hand down to the kids of the future. Not only for its ruthless emotional vigor that attacks me without a (listening) escape route, but also for the exceptional lyrical work. Clinical and pyschotic pathologies, internal apocalypses... this is an infernal and contemporary disk. As Napalm Death's 1987 'scum', Scorn's 1992 'vae solis' and Blood from The Soul's 1993 'to spite the gland that breeds' were examples of genial and absolute avantgard this work is among the best of 'extreme' avantgard that I have ever listened to. A disturbing and stupifying disk and warped like the penultimate track 'hypericom perforatum' that after a scientific list of pathologies and disturbing clinical indications throws us into the last 36 minutes of the title track, gloomy minimal ambient, traveling with Charon in the deep abysses of 'the meaningless of living'. A small masterpiece of enormous proportions." Antz (Nova Muzique)
- dirty mouths 4,81 MB file

daniele brusaschetto "mezza luna piena"

cd in jewel box (13 tracks, 50 mins circa, 2005)
bosco05 (published by bar la muerte, bosco rec, dizlexiqa)
12 euro

"[Mezza Luna Piena] is a damn great work, offering a good variety of moods and a few more atmospheric pieces that are simply delicious. He moves without effort through caustic minimalist structures that integrate bass and guitars with a host of industrial elements, effects and noises. The guitars shift from minimal arpeggios to full-force power chords drenched in max distortion to free form virtuosisms. Some atmospheres are pretty claustrophobic and the album is on the whole a very dark work with moments that taste of introspection and a couple of instrumentals that are simply titillating..." Gianfri (Dark Life)
- ciao bellissima 5,85 MB file

ich niente "ri_tagli"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (8 tracks, 39 mins circa, 2004)
bosco04 (published by bosco rec, into my bed recordings)
10 euro

"A single take collaboration between guitarists Mirco Rizzi and Daniele Brusaschetto. 'Ri-tagli' is on the whole, an arrangement of extremely creative guitar-based textures and melodies. At many times the sounds sound so unlike a guitar you'd swear you were listening to synthesizers. The CD is very laid back sounding... excellent to chill out to. Very reminiscent of Howard Shores work on the David Cronenberg film 'Crash'." Chvad SB (Dark Sonus)
- ghghghghghghghgh 6,97 MB file

all scars orchestra "new scars 2004"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (12 tracks, 67 mins circa, 2004)
bosco03 (published by into my bed recordings, bosco rec, milarecords)
10 euro --SOLD OUT--

"The All Scars Orchestra is a Northern Italy operating small and ever changing all stars orchestra of noisers, including the local hero Daniele Brusaschetto, Mirco Rizzi from Ashtool, Luca Valisi & Paolo Bianchi from Ludmila, Paul Beauchamp from Blind Cave Salamander and a bunch of other people involved in this fringe scene. The 12 tracks running at a little over an hour define the experimental noise genre in all of its aspects, from the somewhat electronicly-influenced, to the more industrial-ish, to the most freeform of 'em all." Marc Urselli (Chain D.L.K.)
- la cosa più violenta che fai 5,13 MB file

daniele brusaschetto "unserial stolen short raw samples cut-up"

cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (6 tracks, 25 mins circa, 2004/2005)
bosco02 (published by bosco rec, into my bed recordings, milarecords)
10 euro

"Experimental cut-up album. All music has been analogically stolen from various cd/lp sources."
- 2_3.04 4,23 MB file

lime "possessed by hands in the air"

double cdr in pro-printed cardboard sleeve (16 tracks, 92 mins circa, 2004/2005)
bosco01 (published by bosco rec, into my bed recordings, milarecords)
12 euro

"A dynamic work, saturated with personality, incredibly noisy, tribal, dreamy, full... Worthy of the more extreme experimentaions that have passed from the hands of the 'more commercial' Trent Reznor to the engraved milestones of the genius Alec Empire or of the concept of avantgard so well assimilated by masters such as Throbbing Gristle. For the chronicle 'possessed by' that for a good 45 minutes satisfies the most demanding palates of the electro-diseased. As if it were launched towards a cosmic other-worldly fruition, this work has a cathartic energy of tribal music and the destructive force of the most extreme sonic terrorism." Antz (Nova Muzique)
- violenza 3,69 MB file

daniele brusaschetto "poesia totale dei muscoli"

cd in jewel box (11 tracks, 42 mins circa, 2003)
bosco00 (published by bosco rec, bar la muerte, radon, d.s.k., o.v.n.i.)
12 euro

"In the style range, the album changes from the most powerful avanguard punk (the first song - 'canzone per il disagio' - real hit!!!, 'dondolo il cervello') up to almost initial lo-fi-indie ('matilda', 'utopico drink', 'arancione, d'oro e marrone') with magnificent guitar sets characteristic for Daniele's works in each track." (Real Art)
- palla bianca con scritta rossa 6,69 MB file


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